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The Georgia Society for Respiratory Care is an affiliate of the American Association for Respiratory Care. The AARC is the only professional society for respiratory therapists in hospitals and with home care companies, managers of respiratory and cardiopulmonary services, and educators who provide respiratory care training.

This site is dedicated to the professional development of respiratory therapists in Georgia, and the patients they care for. Feel free to browse the site and email our team if you have questions or ideas.

Our Mission Statement

Inspire, Educate, Support and Advocate for respiratory health.


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2015 Winter Clinical Symposium

Friday, February 27, 2015
Macon Marriott City Center
Featuring Educational Tracks for Therapists, RT Managers, and RT Students!
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Students - Click HERE to print out a registration form!

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GSRC Supporter Program

GSRC is involved in many activities that support:

  • Education of RRTs, students, the public, and our patients
  • Advocacy of the profession
  • Communication among members, the public, and our colleagues in medicine
  • Scholarships for RT students
  • National initiatives, such as disaster relief and the establishment of international respiratory programs

Learn more about the GSRC Supporter Program and how you can join - HERE.


GSRC's Top Ten Reasons to Get Involved - Join Today!


1.     AARC membership includes membership in the GSRC at no additional cost.

2.     AARC membership saves therapists money.  What you pay in dues will be returned to you many times in discounts, services, and direct benefits to your pocketbook.

3.     AARC membership can bring you real-time information when you need it to perform better in your job, and to be better for your patients.

4.     AARC membership dues are a bargain when you compare them to other health association’s cost of living indices and other products and services you buy independently.

5.     AARC dues are $78.50 per year for a digital membership; just $6.55 per month!  If you take advantage of discounts from car rentals to life insurance rates, you can save more than this in a given year.

6.     AARC offered 51 free CEUs in the past year and 216 CEUs were offered at a discount to members.

7.     AARC magazines can be delivered online to reduce clutter in your mailbox.

8.     AARC fights for the rights of the Respiratory Therapist throughout the country and the world.  Examples include:

a.     Several states have already made efforts to remove licensure from RTs including: Texas, Michigan, and California.  These bills have been defeated, but may return.

b.     Several states are currently considering ending licensure for RTs including: Illinois and Indiana.

9.     NBRC, CoARC, ARCF, and State Composite Medical Board – Explained:

a.     NBRC – administers credentialing exams. Membership dues are $25 per year.

b.     CoARC – accredits schools to ensure educational quality.

c.     ARCF – raises money to support scholarships and fellowships.

d.     State Composite Medical Board – administers licensure in the state of Georgia.  Dues are $105 every two years.

10.  The cost to be a professionally licensed therapist in the state of Georgia and be a member of your professional organization $156 per year.  That’s just  $13 per month.  For the average therapist in the state, that represents 0.003% of your salary.


If you would like to download a copy of the GSRC's Top Ten Reasons to Get Involved to share with your friends and colleagues, you can download that here.


Medicare Respiratory Therapist Access Act

H.R. 2619 The Medicare Respiratory Therapist Access Act of 2013 was introduced 7/8/13 by Georgia Representative John Lewis.  Read more here.

Pulmonary medicine has evolved over the years since the Medicare law was enacted. With a shift to reward hospitals and physicians for quality care rather than volume of services, the time has come for Medicare to recognize the value respiratory therapists bring to treating beneficiaries with chronic lung diseases.

Today’s Medicare goals center on quality care, better value, lower costs, and reducing excess hospital readmissions. For those with chronic lung disease, a key to achieving these goals is to reduce or eliminate exacerbations which can lead to costly emergency room visits and/or hospital admissions or readmissions.

The Medicare RT Access Act is designed to address these issues and achieve key Medicare priorities.

Click here for background information about the Medicare Respiratory Therapist Access Act. Click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Medicare Respiratory Therapist Access Act.

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President's Message

by Jan Fernandez, President

Hello Georgia RCPs, Future RCPs, Family and Friends of the Respiratory Profession:

As I sit here typing my first President’s Message I find myself in a state of awe.  I graduated from the Respiratory Therapy program at Georgia State University in 1993. If you told me at graduation that I would be the GSRC President in 2014, I would most likely have laughed and gone on with my day.  I guess the joke would have been on me because here I am and I am excited to be here!

My career as an RCP has been and is still, filled with mentors, both clinical and non-clinical, that have supported me throughout my journey as an RCP.  I have learned from the best in the profession.  I have worked with students who continue to remind me why I love being an RCP.  I have worked with patients and families that have taught me how to be a better RCP.  I have also worked with healthcare professionals across the board that have challenged me to stay true to who I am.  As I start my term as the President of the GSRC, it is my hope that I can give back to my career while continuing to grow with my career and profession.

One of the most exciting things we have going on this year is CHANGE.  Yes, I know, change can be scary but it can also be exciting and rewarding.  We are working on a brand new format that we hope to roll out to the GSRC website this year.  I cannot give you all the details right now but I can tell you that the changes will be visible.  Stay tuned for more….

If you are not a member of the GSRC, I strongly encourage you to join the AARC so you will be a member of the GSRC.  RCPs have ever-present challenges that cannot be won in small numbers. We need to support each other and our profession. Increasing our membership numbers will be one of our initiatives this year.  Dr. Monique McCreary is now our Vice President. Jackie Williams and Ryan Winter will be our new leaders for this team.    

For those of you who are members, we challenge you to find your non-member colleagues and encourage them to join the GSRC.   If you are a manger, we hope you are already a GSRC member and are able to support your staff.  If you are interested in helping our Membership Committee, please let us know.

We are continuing to expand our educational opportunities.  We plan to offer the District Seminars again this year.  The District Seminars are one of the ways the GSRC is able to give back to the RCP community.  This team includes Board members as well as GSRC supporters.  This team volunteers their time to speak across Georgia.  The dedication of this team is what enables us to offer the CEUs at a lower cost.  If there are specific topics you would like to hear please let us know.  I cannot promise we can add it to our lecture series but we can certainly try.  If you have something you are passionate about and would like to join our team, let us know.

We have a big change for our P&E Committee. After years of service (we can’t even remember how many years because he is ‘Forever Ellwanger’) David Ellwanger will be stepping down as the Chair.  David will be replaced by Adrian and Heather Childers.  The P&E Committee is definitely on the road to change. We are very excited to have them on board.  If you want to become a member of the P&E Committee and help us grow our educational opportunities, please let us know.

We also have a new Chair for the Student Activities Committee.  Nancy McDowell is our new leader for the committee.  Leann Papp did a phenomenal job getting this section started.  Nancy will continue to grow the student side of the GSRC.  If you love students as much as I do and really want to make a difference, please join this team.  Working with students that are excited to get started in their career is really the most ‘bang for your buck’ and one of the most rewarding groups to work with.  (Can you tell I love students?)

After looking at what I just wrote and asking myself what it is I want to accomplish, I believe I found my answer.  My goals this year will be to help grow the GSRC.  This means not only increasing our membership numbers but also getting our existing members involved.  I will facilitate and encourage change and I challenge each of you to grow and change with me.

In closing, I have to add, I am extremely lucky to be following some of the strongest leaders in our profession.  They have planted the seeds for the grass roots but why should we stop at the grass?  I have decided that we should grow a very large tree with lots and lots of branches.  I want that tree to sprout this year so the leaders following me can watch the tree grow.  My ultimate long term goal would be for the GSRC to be of the strongest trees in the profession.  I want other societies to look to the GSRC for leadership. 

I want you to be as excited as I am about being an active member of the GSRC.  If you are a family member or friend or even a patient, I am sure we can find a place for you too. 

Please join us as we “Inspire, Educate, Support, and Advocate for Respiratory Health.”


Jan Fernandez, BS RRT-NPS, CCRC

President GSRC 2014-2015




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2015 Winter Clinical Symposium - RTs & Managers

2015 Winter Clinical Symposium - Students

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